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Tips to balance Physical and Mental


A reasonable diet, relaxing, daily massaging, close to nature living,…help your body refresh and healthful.


Environment pollution, quickly eating and drinking habit, sedentary life increase the risk of getting digestion, bone diseases…In addition, pressure from work and daily life cause depression, fatigue can lead to neurological disorders and prolonged insomnia. Therefore, people should maintain good and healthy habits as suggested below. 


Healthy diet

Things we supply for the body have a definite affect on our mental and physical. By paying more attention on food choice and processing, everybody could make a good balance in metal and physical.

In your daily meals, you need vegetables, organic fruits, healthy fats like coconut, avocado, nuts and herb. Boiled and steamed are prior cooking method. Animal oils should be replaced with vegetable oils as soybean oil, olive oil. Experts recommend each person should eat 3 meals a day, have breakfast before 8 AM, lunch from 11 AM to 13 PM, and dinner from 6 PM to 8 PM. 

Having meals on time to be healthy.

Maintain happy life and avoid stress

Like nurturing a plant, people’s spirit also need to be nourished by positive emotion and energy. Learn to be grateful for what you have, be fun and try new things. Instead of thinking and worrying about unworthy things, you would enjoy your life with open mind and positive view, and have memorable moments with your family and friends. 

Live close to nature

Once or two a week, you could go to a park near your house, a garden, a tree-lined path, a beach, a lake,… to let your mind and your senses immersed by nature. The source of vitality from nature has the positive influence on recharging energy to people.


10 minutes of meditation a day is a treatment for your mind, detaches you from negative thoughts and emotions. Meditation is helpful in  pain relief, immune system strengthening, anti-inflammation, anti-depression, and memory loss improvement

Massage everyday

Thanks to effects on improving blood circulation and blood pressure stability of massage, the brain works wisely and produces many positive emotions. Combine to use both heat therapy and massage give effects of relieving chronic back pains, stimulating blood circulation, reducing pains and muscle tension,…

You have not enough time to go to spas or therapy treatment centers, buying a thermal massager is  a wise choice. The advantage is it could be used by whole family, especially the elderly and sedentary people. 

One of a featured product of the thermal massagers in Vietnam market is Ceragem Master V3 of Ceragem brand having 3000 centers in 70 countries. This product is certificated by CE (Europe standard).

Ceragem Master V3 designed in high modern appearance with the unique sliding function. It will look like a sofa when sliding in.

Ceragem Master V3 is innovated by acupressure and massage, heat acupuncture principles of Eastern Medicine and chiropractic principles of Western Medicine. Lying and the product will scan user’s spinal length and curves to set up a suitable massage program. With 6 levels of intensity, up-down function of internal projector moving along the spine and 12 massage programs, user could choose a proper program on health condition.


With Ceragem Master V3, you and your beloved family – grandparents, parents, brothers and sisters could have massage at home. Thermal massage therapy from Ceragem Master V3 will renew your energy with only 35 minutes a day.