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Balance physical and mental with 35 minutes of massage per day


Massage is popular in Korea. With Korean, massage is not only just a relax, but also an effective therapy to restore the balance of body and mind and recharge for your busy daily life.

On streets in Seoul, it’s easy to spot signs and advertising poster of massage facilities. A variety of methods and cost in massage facilities serves to those looking to relax for their stiff body after a stressful day at work. Apart from personal facilities, there are popular franchise massage brands with good service and reasonable price in Korea. 

To busy people, a massager to take care of their health at home is more chosen. A smart healthcare device setting up massage programs helps to relieve pains, relax and improve blood circulation. So massager brands from Korea is more popular and high-evaluated in international market. 

Why is massager popular in Korea?

Massage is a type of physical stimulation having direct affect on skin, nerves, blood vessels, and receptors to cause neurological, humoral, endocrine changes, thereby improve functional capacity of nervous system, nutrition and work capacity of the body. 

From Diane Fulton Professor – Honored Professor in Clayton State University (USA), those who massage regularly will “enjoy” good benefits such as reducing depression, cure insomnia, strengthen the immune system by increasing of the number of lymphocytes in body, thereby reducing painful symptoms, stress and fatigue while supporting digestive system to work better. 

Thanks to effects of blood circulation improvement and blood pressure stability, massage makes your brain work wisely and produce many positive emotions. In addition, a meta-analysis of 14 cancer studies demonstrated massage helps cancer patients reduce pains, nausea, anxiety, stress and fatigue. 

In physical, massage helps to relieve pains in tense muscles and joints after overtraining. Massage also reduce back pains effectively. Many people have back pain reduction after 12 weeks of massage. 

Relax at home with Korea standard automatic thermal massager 

Those who are busy or elders could not move a lot look for a quickly and easy healthcare therapy, a full body massager is the best solution for whole family. The most wonderful thing of a massager is spending about 30 to 40 minutes at home brings the feeling of being massaged and result of being healthy more than expected.

Ceragem is the automatic thermal massager development company in Korea. The popular product in Ceragem centers is  Ceragem Master V3 – a featured product of automatic thermal massager thanks to its stability, effectiveness and reliability. 

Ceragem Master V3 is produced on acupressure, massage, heat acupuncture principles of Eastern Medicine combined with chiropractic principles of Western Medicine. 

Ceragem Master V3 has 5 featured functions: 

Spine scanning is to exactly set up a proper massage program for user’s spinal length and curves.

Intensity control has 6 customized levels.

A variety of massage program: 12 modes suitable for user’s health conditions. In which there are 9 automatic programs, each of them operated in 36 minutes 30 seconds (the mode 2 is about 18 minutes). Press Start button on remote controller and check the LCD screen, press Mode button, the machine is self-recognized user’s body and automatic massaging. 

Ceragem music: Songs from Ceragem including sounds of nature, classic and functional music support to relax  user’s mind and body. 

Smart design: Ceragem Master V3 is designed smart sliding function. It will be in a sofa shape while sliding in to save space.

Cân bằng thể chất và tinh thần chỉ với 35 phút massage mỗi ngày - Ảnh 2.

So easy, lie down on the Ceragem Master V3, press the button, and then our body is being cared for and  maintained. You spend 35 minutes a day to enjoy your own time, this is good for your body and refresh emotions, surely all thoughts and ideas after massage time will be much more active and effective.