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Great benefit of massage bring to your mind and body



When the body is tired, we think of having a massage to relax and refresh immediately. This wonderful therapy brings more other benefit for your body. 

The society develops coming with the demands of healthcare increases. This the cause of massage is more popular thank to it effectiveness and safety. Beside relax, stress reduction, massage is a great natural “medicine” to improve blood circulation, stabilize blood pressure, relieve pain and support the treatment of many diseases,… 

Stress reduce

After half of a hour of massage, the first thing you feel is your body is renewed with more energy and recovered to its best state, fatigue, headache and stress will be soothed quickly. Massage is good for your body and also help to stimulate hormones to make you feel happier. Lợi ích tuyệt vời massage mang lại cho thể chất và tinh thần - Ảnh 1.
A research on massage affects in a group of Japanese students showed massage helps to reduce cortisol – a stress related hormone.
Improve immune system
Lack of nutrients diet, lack of sleep and stress weaken our immune system. One of ways to improve the immune system is massage. It will increase the body’s anti-disease ability and be healthy.
Improve bones and muscles
Massage movement on muscles reduce muscle tension effectively. As a result, muscle pains is quickly eliminated and increased the flexibility. A survey of 59 middle-aged people showed diseases as knee pains, knee stiffness, body aches were significantly reduce as massaging.
Stimulate blood circulation
Massage put power on the blood vessels to circulate flood and stimulate a healthy lymphatic system, which fluid takes a role in preventing infection an other diseases. In thermal massager, the combination of massage and infrared heat function produce heat penetration into the skin to make blood capillaries expansion for the stability of blood circulation.
Improve sleep quality
In a study of University of Miami School of Medicine (USA), participants were able sleep better after having two 30-minute-massage per week. Massage make the level of serotonin, a hormone plays an important role in the sleeping.
Most people can relax and health care with the massage therapy, especially for he sedentary, unhealthy people and having diseases related to bones  and joints people. You can enjoy the massage therapy in massage service centers. As you are not enough time to visit massage service centers, a modern massager is the most suitable choice for your whole family to replace hands, to supply the right massage method for intensive impact on your body.
Here are a lot of brands of massager in market with variety of technologies and functions. Beside its effectiveness, the criteria for choosing a massager reflects on brand’s reputation, product’s function, features, quality, price and after sales service. You should take a look on applied technologies, and reality experience to get a general view.
The automatic thermal massager Ceragem Master V3 is produced by the Korea home healthcare device company, is  the feature product of automatic thermal massagers due to its stability, effectiveness, reliability. The product is a good healthcare device for the elderly and sedentary people.
Ceragem Master V3 applied the alternative medicine principle supplies a heat generation stimulated on spine. The internal projector made from jade provides heat, massage, acupressure on spine in 6 levels and 12 programs - suitable for health status of each user. Lying and the product will scan user’s spine, then supply a proper heat massage program which is  suitable for user’s spinal length and curves based on collected data. It can be used by teenagers, young adults, mid-aged people and the elderly.Lợi ích tuyệt vời massage mang lại cho thể chất và tinh thần - Ảnh 2.Be a leading company in thermal massager industry in Korea, Ceragem developed many high technologies to innovate functions for thermal massager included multi-function LCD remote controller, thermal system for calves, special heating elements and sophisticated temperature control system.
By free experience service, Ceragem sells product for customer using product at least 30 times in one month to  feel its effectiveness.
Founded in 1998, Ceragem are presenting at 5 continents with over 70 countries and 3000 centers around the world. In Vietnam, Ceragem  has  70 centers  and provides product experience service for customer at centers.