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Healthcare tips for sedentary people


Changing habits combined with healthy diet helps to balance your mind and body and minimizes the risk of dangerous diseases caused by the sedentary lifestyle.

Vietnam is one of 10 most sedentary countries in the world according to data from United Nation Population Fund – UNFPA. From experts, being sedentary is the reason of increasing the risk of diseases as heart disease, diabetes, obesity and cancers…or memory loss, anxiety, depression…

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Many risks are linked to sedentary living – there are ways you can protect your health if your job doesn’t allow you to be active

 minutes of exercise in your spot

Medical researches show people sitting more than 4 hours per day are 40% higher risk to have chronic diseases and life expectancy reduction than people sitting less than 4 hours.

You are a office worker or do a lot  of sitting work, you should chance your posture, get up, stretch and walk once after sitting 30 minutes to a hour. Just 5 minutes of movement have the great effect to limit the diseases caused by the long hour sitting easily. While watching TV or movies, you can turn, walk, swing or dance simply, which also help benefit for your heart, joints and digestive system.

It should be better to do exercise before going to work in the morning, do at your house or bike for 15 minutes. You should choose to walk instead of using the elevator in office. 

Increase calcium-rich food

Sedentary lifestyle is the “enemy” of bones and joints. This is why you need a diet with a lot of calcium, protein, vitamin B, vitamin C and vitamin E.

Calcium is the main component of bone having in milk, fish, pig’s tail bone, soybeans, spinach… Protein is the essential  nutrient forming ligaments, bones, muscles found in eggs, chicken breast, almonds,… and vitamin B and E have the ability to reduce pain and fatigue. 

Massage to improve digestion

“People want to have long and healthy life are ones who always keep their intestine clean.” Sitting for a long time as the body lacks movement will make bowel movements, stomach weaken and digestive secretion decrease. Eating healthy and massaging abdominal area have a special affect on digestion. 

When walking or sitting, rest your palms against the skin on abdomen, start from the stomach and gentle massage to the navel. Massage in a circle on the abdomen, prior to epigastrium. The duration of doing exercise depends on each person’s time and health.

Massage everyday

Pain and stiffness in the back and vertebrae occur when you are sedentary or sit a lot. At this time, you need a multi-function massager for your whole family to relax after a tired day and to stimulate blood circulation, improve immune system, reduce pain and muscle tension…, prevent risks of health problems caused by work or age. 

Ceragem is the leading healthcare home-device company in the world, founded in 1998 in South of Korea and expanded to USA market in 1999, and present in over 70 countries with 3000 centers worldwide.

The automatic thermal massager Ceragem Master V3 is produced based on acupressure, heat acupuncture principle and massage of Eastern Medicine in combination with the chiropractic principle of Western Medicine, is the featured product of thermal massager. This is the good  healthcare product for the elderly and sedentary people. 

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One of outstanding points of Ceragem Master V3 is personalization spine scanning function to set up proper massage program for user’s spinal length and curve. In addition, users can adjust massage intensity with 6 levels and 12 massage programs to suit  their health condition.

A massager innovated in smart and modern sliding design, Ceragem Master  V3 could be a sofa shape when you don’t use, to decorate your house and save your space. The convenient and modern multi-function LCD remote controller could be operated easily by anyone. You could use comfortably to improve blood circulation, relieve muscle tension, reduce joint pain, recover quickly and support diseases treatment.

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Using automatic massager Ceragem Master V3 in 36 minutes per day is a good habit to improve and protect your health. A healthy body will help us more energetic to challenge new things, more positive spirit to overcome problems, and more joys to live. Take the initiative to plan a healthy lifestyle today!