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Ceratonic Mat Ceramix M1

"Enjoy the effects of far infrared radiation heat therapy whenever and wherever”

Compact size you can carry to anywhere

It is adapted to improve your health at anywhere due to compact size for travel and small office places. 

It could be handle with one hand easily due to the light weight.

At folded size, it’s about your briefcase size with 2 convenient handles.

Ceratonic Mat

Ceramix Mat M1

Focused radiant far infrared heat from approximately 60,000 micro Ceratonic balls

Safety device installed to block electromagnetic waves and prevent overheating

Provided the effective acupressure from 12 round ceratonic balls.

Moisture & dirt is minimized through the use of suede and hardwood charcoal fabric

Safety assurance with the automatic turn-off function after 12 hours using.

Unique design with the convenient controller.

Various ways to use the mini thermal mat! 

Heat treatment in many parts of body

A relax rest in day,

a good sleep at night.

Place the thermal mat in the area of shoulder, waist and buttocks, and to warm up the abdominal area to lie the mat under stomach

As legs are worn out from a long

walk or standstill.

Remove fatigue from the soles of feet as putting feet on the thermal mat while sitting on sofa or chair.

A seat cushion as sitting on

cold floor

Sitting on the thermal mat is very usefull for women. 

With a long sitting on chair

Put the thermal mat in the back area or under buttocks 

Unique and Elegant Design

The high quality leather material - suede fabric makes the unique appearance

The combination of white and brown match with every home space.